Thursday, March 25, 2010

Steve Jobs: How to live before you die | 1st update in over a year!

So many of my colleagues and students share with me how devastated they are that "such and such" just happened, "what do I do now" and "how could this happen". With Spring Break being only a day away now, I cannot count how many of the people who are currently joining the path that I am on: in my town, at my work, or connected into my online life, have made the comment, "I can't wait until Spring Break starts." Each time I hear this my mind rushes with thoughts of blessings that may vanish, such as a loved one passing away, healthy becoming weak or even death. I think how sad it is that often the human nature is to wish for what we don't have, not realizing the blessing of what we do have until its gone. Therefore, my readers, I hope that you will start each night with hopeful thoughts and dreams that apply to tomorrow, because one day tomorrow will never come.

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To my brother Steve, I'm so glad and grateful that we didn't loose you and thankful that you are able to make a full recovery!