Friday, August 17, 2007

Teaching With Wings

August 17th, In-Service Workshop @ Universal School

Learning has changed, but teaching has stayed the same "outdated"
Daily technology impact by the year 2010
Buying a Computer: selecting components for data capacity vs. human capacity
    • Google Earth assignment
      • Marking places
      • Tours/Virtual Field Trips
      • Sketchup Download (IFS 3D Model)
      • Multiple Layers and Content Available (Darfur)
      • Enhancements are Endless

  • iGoogle homepage setup
    • create gmail account
      • select a theme
    • "Add Stuff" link: search gadgets
*Keysha! This is a dream come true for collaboration efforts! Thanks for thinking of it! :)
      • Google Scholar: simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature.
      • News Highlights by subject of interest or current affairs


Extras Resources

Hands-on break time

Curriculum Integration Tools {ISTE NETS-T Standards 1A-B, 2A-E, 3A-D, 4A-D, 5A-D, 6A-E}
    • Podcast: internet radio
      • Recent site Will Richardson and others are enjoying for podcasting their blogs: Talkr for podcasts
      • Podcast with itunes education link categories, k-12 Princeton review vocabulary minute

      3 steps: Record digital audio: ipod, microphone jack, cell phone, etc

      • Compose
      • add link to classroom/school websites or begin a digital portfolio
    • EPals
    • Pictures & Video
      • Dove Beauty Video on youtube sample
      • Teach students the right way to use for positive benefits to share knowledge (myspace)
      • 2008 Presidential Elections staying afloat with global audience in cyberspace
      • Overhead projectors are antique and should be replaced with LCD projectors!
      • Digial Storyboards: Have students dipict or search for content related images to navigate through chapters.
      • Pangaea Cinema Day , on May 10, 2008= simultaneous screening to millions of people around the world of powerful human stories
    • PowerPoint
      • Presentation in less than 5 minutes
      • Connection, Content, Passion with audio, animation and digital media
      • Microsoft Free Templates
      • Hand-outs for student notes
    • Discovery Education
      • allowing classrooms to journey with scientist and interact with technology

Today thanks to interactive technologies it is possible to break down the barriers of our walls and distance, to be mentored and serve as a mentor by and for teachers and students literally all over our planet.

Traditional twentieth-century educational practices will no longer provide students with the skills needed to become productive citizens in today's high-tech global workplace. Capture your children's attention and retain it with digital media!