Saturday, February 28, 2009

ICE Conference 2009

Great time at ICE Conference 2009. Won't forget that it was where I submitted my first Technology Integration Plan for IFS. The very next day I met Kathleen Barnhart and Faith Bishop from ISBE in a workshop. Not surprisingly, they knew who I was from all of the trouble-shooting to complete my TIP on the iirc website. Enjoyed meeting Jen Wagner and Lucy Gray and many other techies in real life. Will continue to be grateful to Kathleen Molloy and Jeff Romani for assistance with finishing my 1st TIP. Was hoping to see Vinnie V's pres on voice thread.

Favorites to note:
buy firewires/adapters for camera connections, Camera Booth,, and maybe

Didn't take out my camera for the entire conference until the very end when Kathleen did the closing ceremony. You can check that out here:

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